I am so happy to announce that I am giving away two tickets to the Ware Designer Showhouse. This prize is valued at $50.

The Showhouse runs from May 18 – June 7th.

Details about the Showhouse are available here.

To enter, click on the link below.  You can earn up to several entries by following the instructions.  And you can enter daily for more chances to win. Contest ends at midnight on April 17th.  This is my very first giveaway on my blog.  I’m hoping it all runs smoothly!! Good Luck.  Crossing my fingers that this works.  There is no way to “test” this out!  This is an excellent test-run for the big upcoming giveaway that I’ve been hinting about in the last month or so.

 Click: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love reading your comments, and in fact one of the ways to earn an entry is to leave a comment here.  So I hope to hear from you, and bring you out of “lurkdome” finally!