…and moved to Beverly….


ok, so maybe not.

But the Beverly Hillbillies song just kept popping in my head.

Last Saturday we borrowed a truck from Jen Hollister, who sold us our house, and loaded it up and moved the large items to the Ware Mansion!


I think every box I packed said “Fragile, nothing on top”.  So there were a lot of boxes that had to sit on the floor with nothing on top of them.  Luckily the truck was huge and this was not a problem.


The bed was assembled with no trouble by the men, whew.



The newly painted dresser looked great in the space, with its gold hardware. Above you can see a close up of two of the drawers. (In the photo below it looks like a miniature dresser, I assure you it’s not!)


The location for the chairs is still up for debate.  Not exactly sure where they will end up.


Hoping for some more progress this week in the space.  My bathroom is in limbo right now while we wait for the countertop to be installed.

Ware bath wallpaper 1

I couldn’t just walk out of the space without doing a little “styling”.  Yep, I put the flowers and the books on the nightstand on the right! Hey, it’s in my blood, what can I say?


Don’t forget to enter the drawing for TWO FREE tickets to be used anytime that the show is open from May 18 – June 7th.  The link is in the last blog post. Winner to be announced soon!