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The BIG GIVEAWAY that I’ve been promising.

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Last year I had the privilege of attending Design Camp OC. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived.  But it was an intense, information filled 2 days that is hard to put into words. And for me, that says a lot!

It is one of those experiences that isn’t just “how to”.  The speakers really make sure you know “why” you should do this or “why” you shouldn’t be doing that.

There are style icons who attend to share their secrets with you. What they have been up to, what they are working on next, maybe sign a copy of their book for you or help you decide if you should see more of the Loire Valley or the South of France next time you want to head across the Pond.

There are those that really know the business side of design and have so much information to offer. Not only do these experts make presentations during Camp, they make themselves available afterwards, whether it’s at a cocktail party that evening or by email later, even months after you return home.

Every speaker emphasizes the importance of social media. You know–Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin (still not there on that one yet) and I’m sure there are new ones that I have not even heard about yet, because someone just keeps coming up with the next new thing.

And what about Branding.  Who knew?  I didn’t know I needed a brand, let alone the fact that I am a brand.  Such an abstract concept, but they have the best branding experts come to camp and help you make sense of it all.

There are editors from magazines who will explain to you the process of having your work published. And why you should want that to happen.

Lori Dennis & Kelli Ellis are the co-founders of this “Camp”.  Let’s be realistic, there is no camping happening here. I mean if this was camping, I’d be camping a lot more!

Lori & Kelli

From the Interior Design Camp website, here’s a little about these fearless leaders:

Internationally known from their appearances onHGTV, Bravo, NBC, Oxygen, TLC and Food Network, and articles in countless publications, Lori and Kelli have spent decades educating designers and design enthusiasts. Additionally Lori and Kelli are authors, brand ambassadors, furniture and product designers, public speakers, a sustainability expert, a design psychology expert and mentors to the design community.

Check out their websites:

Lori Dennis

Kelli Ellis

Personally, I think this camp is NOT just for designers.  I think if you love design, you will enjoy it very much. I think that many of the speakers have a message that is not only beneficial to those of us in the design business, but have valuable information for everybody in the business world.  The idea of social media and branding can be applied to any business application.

Besides all the Fabulousness that comes with the presenters, I have to add that the friendships and connections you make with fellow campers is invaluable.  You would have thought that during the breaks you would just grab a drink or use the restroom.  But no, we were sharing information about this app or that app.  Or how are you set up for billing, where do you buy lampshades, who do you use for this or that, etc.  The amount of information that was shared just amongst the campers was great!

Who is scheduled to speak in Vegas?

Click here for a list of 2014 Super Camp Counselors

I encourage you to enter to win this fabulous giveaway, even if you are not a designer, it is life changing.

So, what exactly am I giving away?  One admission ticket to the  2014 Super Camp in Vegas!  It will be held July 29th – 31st. This ticket is for admission only to the camp, a value of $1,297.00!!  All campers will be registered for the Las Vegas Market which this will coincide with.  You will be responsible for your hotel room (great deals in Vegas, and even better deals through the Camp) and your transportation.

This contest will remain open until May 5th.

Good Luck Everybody! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas!  Yes, I am going, and so is the VP of my Rough Luxe Division!