The Ware Designer Showhouse is rapidly approaching! It opens on May 18th.

Yesterday was a a dark and dreary day out, but I wanted to snap a couple of photos to show you the latest on the room.

I still need to do a bit of editing.  Remember that the room is not styled yet, and there are things all over the place!


The rug is being replaced, the gold was peeling off upon its arrival.  New one due today.  To my fellow designers out there…how do you get the creases out of a rug like this?  Steamer?

The weird shadows on the wall are from the gorgeous chandelier.  Since it was so cloudy out and no sun was streaming in through the windows, this is what happened.



I’m still waiting for the mirrored panel to be replaced where they had it removed in order to get into the safe.  I want to get the bar set up in front of that area!

The island/dresser was delivered yesterday for the dressing room.  Hoping the top is not too far behind, I think there was an issue during its construction.  The light is going to be raised, and that Horrible-Door-Closer-Thing will be painted.   I’m planning on just ignoring that door, it is the fire escape door (thus the ugly door closer thing needs to remain).   Hopefully when I style this space and get everything up on the walls, you will just not even look at the door.   (Can you see the wallpaper in the bathroom to the left?)


Don’t forget, still a couple of days to enter the contest for the Design Camp ticket!