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It’s been clear to me for awhile now that I love black interior doors. In fact I am working on large project right now and all the doors are being painted black.

But I also find that I just love the detail to be carried over to the window frames.

black windows frames 1

You may have noticed that Jeff Lewis (on Bravo’s Flipping Out and Interior Therapy) paints all the frames black when he designs a space. (or maybe I’m the only one here who notices)  Look how he painted the frames on the glass front cabinet doors to carry the look through this kitchen.

black window frame 8

another view of the kitchen above

black window frame 6

and same thing here, in the bar area
black window frame 5

Here’s the bathroom, love the french doors

black window frame 7

While at the Home-a-rama here in Harrisburg, I did find that one builder used black window and door frames. These are pictures I snapped at the Farinelli house.


(maybe I would have painted the frames of the glass cabinets like Jeff did above)

IMG_3052 IMG_3053

I know some folks felt that this house was too over-the-top.  But, what better place than the Street of Dreams could you really “go for it” and think trend forward and take some risks? I feel that Farinelli Construction really did “go for it”. Most everyone I have spoken to, loved the way this home looked inside.  I think people like to play it too safe sometimes with their own homes, but studies show that those who take risks and follow their gut are usually happier with their choices in the long term.

Below are some pictures from Houzz that I found and wanted to share with you.  What do you think?  Would you paint or buy black window or door frames?

black window frame 3

black window frames 4

black window frame 2

Love to hear your thoughts!