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I know you are disappointed, you thought this was going to be a post about the movie, Some Like it Hot.

Some Like it Hot

Sorry, no.  It’s about my continuing quest for Hot Pink in the Master Bedroom Suite.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the sofa.  But you know I did “settle” for a gray sofa vs the hot pink “wow” one.  But I’m not unhappy with this decision. At all.  Perhaps if there was no difference in price, then it would have been a different story.

But I just had to get a deep rich vibrant hot pink in this room.

Somehow.  Someway.  Somewhere.


DSC_0147The photo above is before the current furniture was here.  But this gives you a feel of the layout of this of this part of the room.

With current furniture:


I had a sample of a pink grasscloth that I love. This photo is from Bravo’s (very much missed) Million Dollar Decorators. Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy designed this room and covered every wall with this pink grasscloth.  It was bold but certainly not too feminine once they were done with all of the other accessories.

M$D Pink

Being that grasscloth is rather pricey, there was no way I could do our entire Master Suite in this product, the room is just way too big.  It was cost prohibitive.  However, I did have a bunch of coupons for the local Benjamin Moore store that had just expired. So, armed with them I was off to sweet talk them in to still accepting them and purchase a gallon of paint.  (“Purchase” might not be the right word since it was free with my coupons).

I had used the Benjamin Moore app that allows you to match any color just by taking a photo of the item you want to match.  It is pretty accurate.  Although grasscloth is a mixture of colors so I had to look at all the suggestions and decide which one accurately represented the grasscloth.  Also, which one was the most sophisticated and not teenage-hot-pink.

The winner was

BM Color Capture

Pink Corsage, Benjamin Moore 1349

So, yesterday morning, I cleared out the room, got my green frog tape out, taped off the ceiling, and trim.

Green Frog Tape

 I just cannot say enough good things about that green frog tape.  If you have never used it and are still using the blue tape, try the green.


I cut in two coats. And I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks “I love how the hot pink and green Frog Tape look so good together.”


And then the final coats were applied, and tape removed.


Not one time did I panic that I made a mistake.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The only mistake I think I’m making is by not painting more of this color on other walls!

Well, here it is, not the greatest picture to capture the color. Very difficult to do when shooting into the light!


The room is not finished yet.  I am going to have a very good friend whip up some pillows for the sofa for me once I decide on the fabric.  (Do those green ruffle pillows look familiar?  They are from the Showhouse bed) I need to balance the rest of the master with this very vibrant color.  I’m thinking of painting a chair in a hot pink to put at the desk/nightstand next to the bed which is on the opposite side of the master. (not in the photo above)

Also, I might just go a little crazy and think about doing a duvet cover with some hot pink in it!  What?!  Me?!  Drift off of my white on white on white bedding mantra?  (Bobbie, have you ever made duvet cover?)

Well, if I do, it will be a perfect example of how people like to make some changes due to their tastes evolving over time.  And also I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my home is my laboratory, it’s where I experiment.

Have a great day!