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Remember what it feels like to ride a roller coaster?

You are very excited to finally have made it to the front of the line and you climb on board the coaster.

roller coaster pulling out of station

It slowly pulls out, and you think, “this isn’t so bad”, but instantly you hit the first incline. And it just never stops going up. and up. and up. And then you start doubting your decision.

roller Coaster going up

But then, Bam! You are off on the fastest ride of your life, with the occasional slow down as you climb another hill.

Roller Coaster gif

There is a lot of screaming, probably a bit of cursing (at the person who convinced you to get in line in the first place). But overall, this is the scariest thing you have ever done.

roller coaster fear

And then the coaster slows….you smile, act cool as if it was easy and all fun.

Roller Coaster End

And finally it jolts to a stop. It’s over. How did that happen so quickly? You feel so thrilled that it worked out great, your hair is a bit messed up, but you made it.

And what happens next? The person next to you says “Let’s go again”. So, you do.

roller Coaster going up

Those are the exact emotions that I’m experiencing right now.

I’m very honored to have been asked to do another Show House.

I’ve just said yes to “Let’s Go Again”.

Can you believe I’m doing another Designer Show House?  This one is sponsored by the fabulous Harrisburg Symphony Society. Click here for a link to the HSS’s facebook page. They will keep you up to date about the event. It is going to be gorgeous.  I will keep you posted here on the progress.  Designer Measuring Day is December 8th, and then I won’t be back to the property until March to begin work.  The Show House will run from May 22 – June 14, 2015.

So, who wants to come along for the ride?