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I am so sorry that I have not been blogging.  I cannot believe that the last post  I published was in March!  I will be making an effort to update this blog more often.  I guess we need to recap what has been happening since the last time I posted.

First of all, that bathroom that I showed you in the last post ended up winning The 2016 Best Bath Contest from Susquehanna Style. What an honor!

Read the Article Here


On a personal note, Phil & I decided that as much as we loved the house we built (that inspired this blog to begin with), we really wanted to downsize.  And this would also be an opportunity for a new project.  After house hunting for a very long time, we finally found something that checked off a lot of our boxes.  And the funny part about the new house is that it is in a neighborhood that was not even on our radar!  I will certainly post about the progress we make on the new house.  We have many ideas, and a very long wish list.

But first, I thought you might like to see one last look at the old house, empty.  Funny, with nothing in it, it really did not feel like “ours” any longer.  I must admit, I miss this kitchen very much.  But you know I am already planning my next one…emptyhouse-kitchen-1

emptyhousekitchen-2emptyhouse-kitchenemptyhouse-brkfstrmemptyhouse-fremptyhouse-officeThe above photo is my office.

emptyhouse-lremptyhouse-mbremptyhouse-guestrmThe photo below was taken on the morning we left.  The sun could not have been more beautiful in that hallway.

emptyhouse-hallwayI hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays.  We have done our best to deck the halls here.  Somewhere in this house is a box with our outdoor lights and decorations.  But we can’t find them.  This is all we have done to the outside of the new house.  The door color is wrong…the paint store did not match the color correctly.  It is supposed to have a little more orange in it to make it a warm yellow, but it is too cold out now to fix it–so we will wait for next Spring to do that!