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I used to hate to take down the Christmas decorations.  There was something about the glow from all the lights that I wanted to continue on forever.   But this year, I was ready to get it all cleaned up since we have so many projects going on here in the new house and putting everything away was the first step.  Of course there might be one or two gold reindeer out still out to give the Winter decor a boost.img_3133

One thing I have always struggled with was the wreath on the front door this time of year.  It is such a narrow line to have something on the door that looks Wintry but not Christmas.  But, I think I’ve got it this year!

This year for Christmas, I purchased a natural green wreath that was preserved.  I had it on the door, but from the street it looked just black.


So, I added in some pinecones, old picks for texture and some gold balls to help reflect the light.  That did the trick.


Here’s a view of it from further away


To transform this wreath into a Winter Wreath, I removed the picks and balls, and I added silver and white branches.  I also had an old wreath on hand with branches that had little pieces of hard plastic on them–I assume someone thought these looked like ice crystals. So, I tore apart and added those to the wreath also.


Voila–a Winter Wreath

Rethink your own holiday wreath before tossing it out, maybe you can extend the life of it a bit more by just simply removing some of the Christmas elements, and adding in some branches.  Either you can use branches from your own yard and just paint them.  Or, run out and grab some from a big box store because they are on sale now!

Happy New Year to all of you!