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When you hear someone say “Wallpaper” what starts running through your mind?

It used to be when I suggested using it on a project (and I want to use it on every project) some of the responses we heard included…..

“Removing it is a pain”

“Oh, no! There’s only one room in our house left to strip and then we’ll be free.”

“It’s too difficult to install, we did it once, and we won’t do it again”

“Wait….Wallpaper is back in style?”

When I heard that last one, I always responded the same way…wallpaper never was “out”. Wallpaper is a luxury finish that many people have never stopped using because they never installed it themselves and they did not remove it themselves.  They only knew that it was gorgeous, added loads of personality & charm, it set the tone for the room, and made their home stand apart from their neighbor’s. Some papers add luxe texture to the walls that paint can’t achieve. And some are even more family friendly because you can scrub them more than a painted drywall surface!

I think those of us who are “a certain age”, remember when we installed wallpaper– there were the narrow trays on the floor with water in them that we dipped the paper into, only to have it come out sopping wet and stretched, which caused pattern matching to be impossible.  And when it came to removing the paper, we remember the spraying, steaming, and scraping to remove the old paper. And usually it came off in tiny pieces at a time. I remember removing wallpaper that was installed “professionally” using a spray bottle and a credit card to scrape it–it took this DIY-er weeks to finish.  I should have used the credit card to pay someone to remove it…but what did I know?….. we were young and full of DIY enthusiasm.

Here’s the big news….That is not the wallpaper that we use today!!

York Wallcoverings has developed a wallpaper backing that makes removing paper simple.  It is called Sure Strip.  You simply spray the back of the paper lightly to activate the glue, and put it up.  And when you are ready…you can peel it off the wall. Guaranteed.  And it comes off in one clean sheet.  Renters, Rejoice!! This paper makes a great option for those of you who are renting –which is becoming more and more of us these days.

When York first came out with this technology, not every pattern was being made in the Sure Strip, but now they have converted so many of the patterns over to this new backing.  So, check out your local wallpaper store and look for the Sure Strip label on the books.

Not only has the technology behind the paper changed, the patterns are also updated.  We are seeing the addition of metallics, textures, and rich colors to patterns.  Oversized patterns are being shown everywhere, especially florals.  This paper is from Ellie Cashman Design.

Another trend is the use of murals–many of these are customized to your specifications. This one below is from Murals Wallpaper.  Don’t be afraid to use an oversized pattern in a small space.  It makes the room feel larger, you will love the results.

We do receive a lot more “We trust you, let’s do it” when we suggest wallpaper these days.  We would be happy to help you pick out paper for your next project, just reach out to us!