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This is the 2nd installment of my Before & After series.

This room was supposed to be my office. It was supposed to be a quick transformation…..take possession of house on a Friday, prime and paint the walls over the weekend and be ready for the movers on Monday. Well….that was the plan.

When we were prepping to paint we discovered that there was a soft spot near the trim on one of the windows.  After a little surgery we discovered that the wall was completely dry-rotted.  The studs would disintegrate when we touched them.  The professionals were called in, and the wall was completely rebuilt, along with replacing two windows, because they need to match, and the original one was not available any longer.

This ended up becoming Phil’s office since I needed my office to be set up quickly.


Just as a reminder, this photo is the room as it was listed on the MLS when we purchased the house.


What We Did: We painted the walls in a warm white color, added a very graphic wallpaper to the ceiling, found a rug that had the opposite look (black with a white pattern), installed a great chandelier.   The vintage bar on the left is perfect in this space, it keeps Phil motivated to get his work done.  The photo, The Road, is a piece that we used in a client’s project, however this one arrived damaged.  The artist, Matthew Ehrman, told me to keep this one, and in return I promised I wouldn’t sell it. You can see more of his work here. On the right side of the room we installed Ikea shelving.

Let us know if you need help transforming any rooms!