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This is technically part of the Before & After Series, however, there are no “before” pictures.

I think powder rooms may be one of my favorite spaces to transform.  This is a space that most likely every guest in your home will eventually see, and they will experience it alone. They will take their time in there and check out the space as they see fit.

 This is why if you are having a party, make sure your powder room is the cleanest room in the house! They are looking…

If guests love it, they will let you know. How many times have you returned to the table at a restaurant and told your friends, “You must go see the restroom”? I know this phrase is overused, but it is so true– The Powder Room is a jewel box and you can do designs in there you wouldn’t do in any other room.  A small space where you can take a design risk.


Sorry, no photos available, but here’s a little imagery for you…

Our powder room was painted by the previous owner a dark brown, including the ceiling. The previous owner had changed the light fixture and mirror, to “update” the space, but the sink and toilet remained as they were originally in 1994.

I decided we needed to use the sink and toilet in this room as a jumping-off point, even with their shiny brass hardware.  Remember, we are updating this house on a tight budget.  I am really embracing the “Granny Chic” movement lately, so  I chose to wrap the room in a metallic floral wallpaper from York Wallcoverings.  The metallic sheen updates what some might consider to be an old-fashioned pattern.  We pulled a peach color from the flowers and painted the ceiling, trim and door in Benjamin Moore’s Perky Peach, in their Advanced line with a high gloss finish.

 We swapped out the light fixture for something more appropriate. The one that was in there was something you would find at a big box store.  This is the light we chose:

After adding a mirror, with a shiny gold frame, but with an updated shape the room really was looking elegant and updated. We used this mirror, but not with the double frame–we did not have the room for that since we were working around the existing faucet.

 When I complete a project, I know I am happy with it, but sometimes I wonder–“what will others think”…”is it too old fashioned”…will future buyers think “this room needs to updated”, etc.


When you have a patterned wallpaper, such as this, finding the right artwork can be challenging.  I love how this 3-D shadow box with gold butterflies works in this space.

As many of you know, we have a 14 year old cockapoo, who has discovered the magic of tissue paper on a roll.  We cannot put a roll of paper on any of the holders in our bathrooms because she is obsessed with it and will pull it off.  After we wallpapered this room, I decided to not put up the tissue paper holder because we would never use it, and then guests just think we are lazy by not putting it on, so they do it for us, and the dog notices, and well, you get it.  In this bathroom, I’ve hidden the roll, but of course for parties, I try to help the guests out with a little note so they aren’t stranded…

After having friends here at the house during the holidays, I am convinced the design does not scream “dated”.  Not only were guests gushing about it, but they were in there taking pictures.  Of my powder room.  I think this room has passed “The Test”.

Are you brave enough to follow your heart and do something a little different? Push your boundaries? Or do you need someone to push you outside your comfort zone? If so, give us a call and we will make your powder room swoon-worthy!